Behind every goal scored, shot drilled, putt made, and record broken are the dedicated MVPs of the sport industry. They work countless hours behind the scenes making abundant sacrifices and taking huge risks to ensure these desires, dreams and realities come to life.


For these sports business leaders work is not just a job or a career but a way of life. These sports business champions are the ‘Masters of the Game’. The Masters of the Game is a book featuring celebrated sports executives from the industry, chronicling their awe-inspiring stories with an emphasis on some of the most profound business and life lessons learned along the way.

Learn from the Masters About:

Inspiring Personal & Professional Journeys

Making an Impact

The Power of Sport

Success in Business & Life

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Meet the Authors

Headshot of Dr. Jason Pappas

Dr. Jason Pappas

Professor Sport Management

Florida State University

Tallahassee, Florida

Dr. Jason Pappas is an Associate Teaching Professor with the acclaimed Department of Sport Management at Florida State University. In 2012, Dr. Pappas transitioned to the classroom after spending more than 20 years in intercollegiate athletics administration from coast-to-coast. Drawing from his passions for sport and teaching, he brings excitement and enthusiasm to the classroom as he prepares students to transition from the academic environment to work in the highly competitive sport industry. Dr. Pappas enjoys mountain biking, sporting events and traveling, sharing his blessed life with wife Sherry and their four collective children AMP, AGP, MEP and SCS.

Headshot of Vratik Sharma

Vratik Sharma

Senior Account Manager

Nielsen Sports

New York, New York

Vratik Sharma currently works at Nielsen Sports where he manages a diverse portfolio of brand clients to provide them with data driven solutions and insights around their sports sponsorship investments. Previously, he has held business development and corporate strategy roles with the PGA Tour in New York City and Disney Sports in Orlando. Vratik holds a master’s degree in Sport Management from Florida State University and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Pune University in India. In his spare time, Vratik can be found attending a live concert or sport event, traveling, or volunteering for causes he cares about.

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