Masters of the Game (Paperback)


Behind every goal scored, shot drilled, putt made, and record broken are the dedicated MVPs of the sport industry. They work countless hours behind the scenes making abundant sacrifices and taking huge risks to ensure these desires, dreams and realities come to life.


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The Masters of the Game is a book featuring celebrated executives from the sports industry, chronicling their awe-inspiring stories, emphasizing some of the most profound business and life lessons learned along the way. This book reveals the life experiences of Sport Executives from diverse backgrounds, illustrating characteristics of motivationingenuity, and determination, essential to impacting the highly competitive sports industry.


In this book, you will hear executives share anecdotes and meaningful experiences that showcase:

  • Inspiring Personal & Professional Journeys
  • Making an Impact
  • The Power of Sport
  • Success in Business & Life


The authors traveled from coast to coast, interviewing some of the most celebrated sport executives in the industry. Through this experience, the authors drew from consistent themes, focused on winning in life and business, but more importantly, living a purpose-driven life.